Dump Truck Safety

As end-dump truck bodies and semitrailers have increased in length, the frequency of units tipping over has also increased. The construction and trucking sectors should be aware of this tip-over hazard, the contributing conditions and methods of prevention. Stability The primary hazard is related to the stability of the unit when the box is in […]

Working in Hot Environments

Although heat-related discomfort is a complaint of many workers, it is not the most serious problem associated with working in high temperature and humidity. Workers who are exposed to hot environments face additional hazards to their safety and health, such as heat stroke, heat exhaustion and fatigue. These hazards can be avoided by introducing engineering […]

Shoulder Injury Prevention for Truck Drivers

Long-haul truck drivers sustain injuries and illnesses that keep them off the road at double the rate of workers in other professions considered to be hazardous, including construction and farming, fishing and forestry. A National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) survey found that 26.3% of reported truck driver injuries were to their arms, […]

4 Steps to Help Prevent Hot Work Fires

Hot work doesn’t mean that workers are sweating in an extremely warm building or working out in the blazing summer sun. Rather, it involves performing tasks that can cause fires or explosions. These tasks include welding, grinding, cutting, brazing, soldering, and similar operations which produce heat and sparks. These sparks are extremely mobile, scattering as […]

7 Tips for Hiring a Qualified Roofing Contractor

If you’ve properly maintained and repaired your business’s roof, it should have a long life. However, eventually you will need to repair or replace it. When you do so, you’ll want to ensure you hire a qualified roofing contractor to do the job. EMC Engineering Services Supervisor Kody Daniel says he has heard horror stories […]

Protecting Your Facility from Power Surges

It’s no secret that most organizations rely on computers and electronic equipment to do business. This means they need to be aware of the major damage electricity can cause—in the form of stray voltage, a power surge or a lightning strike. These surges aren’t small matters. It’s estimated that power surges cost $26 billion a […]

How to Keep Roofs Draining Properly

Drains are a humble, hidden feature we all depend on. Sink drains and floor drains take water away from the inside of our businesses, while storm drains keep our parking lots and streets safe from surging and standing water. Equally as important, drains also protect the exterior of our buildings. Drainage systems help move water […]

The Dangers of Driving While Drowsy

We all know drowsy driving is dangerous, but just how dangerous is it? According to the National Safety Council: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), reports about 100,000 crashes each year involve drowsy driving, while the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety estimates that there are actually many more, with up to 328,000 drowsy driving […]


What’s the safest way to lift an object? The answer is to not lift the object in the first place. Before you do any lifting, make sure the object can’t be moved with material aids such as a dolly. If you determine the lift is necessary, the best way to lift an object is to […]


Workers with alcohol problems are 2.7 times more likely than workers without alcohol problems to have injury-related absences. The use of drugs and alcohol in the workplace increases the risk of accidents and fatalities and can lead to lost productivity, health issues and absenteeism. SIGNS OF ALCOHOL OR DRUG ABUSE ON THE JOB Poor work […]