Why Zorn

Why Zorn

We are approached by many businesses and families, in growth-mode, who ask us – Why ZORN?  Here are a few reasons why we are one of the leading Georgia payroll and HR outsourcing, risk assessment, safety, and liability consulting firms:

  • Until impacted, the thought of risk never enters people’s mind. We view ourselves as protectors of business and family growth.  We listen, discuss areas of risk you may have never thought about and focus on recommending programs that protect your short and long term objectives.  In other words, our risk assessment, payroll, and HR outsourcing services in Georgia provide insight that matters.
  • Most People Don’t Understand Risk Management Lingo. We pay close attention to your needs and provide clear and “lingo-free” insight with your industry and interests in mind. This is all about protecting your life’s work– risk management just happens to be the industry we are in.
  • Risk Assessment is NOT one size fits all. That’s why we have a proprietary risk analysis program designed to uncover gaps relevant to you. Our firm offers individuals and businesses in and around Georgia a unique risk assessment program that also happens to detect landmines our competition never finds.
  • We’ve perfected the art of service and continuing education with our consulting, payroll, and HR outsourcing services in Georgia and the Southeast. Our safety and liability consultants utilize the latest tools to implement the right programs, regularly participates in continuing education and review accounts frequently to ensure maximum protection. We understand the importance of trust

Our risk assessment and employee benefit management firm has helped many people in Georgia and the Southeast protect what is important to them. To learn more about what our unique risk analysis program can do for you and your organization, please

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