What’s the safest way to lift an object? The answer is to not lift the object in the first place. Before you do any lifting, make sure the object can’t be moved with material aids such as a dolly. If you determine the lift is necessary, the best way to lift an object is to tuck your pelvis, bend at your knees (not your back), hug the load close to you and lift straight up without twisting. However, if you are lifting an awkward load, such as objects overhead or in a bin, using the standard lifting technique may not be possible.


  • Use a ladder to prevent overreaching
  • Test the weight of the object prior to climbing down
  • Slide the object as close to you as possible
  • Pass the object down to a coworker before descending


This lift should only be used for light items.

  • Rest your non-lifting hand on top of the bin
  • Bend over and firmly grab the object
  • Push down on your non-lifting hand to force your body back upright
  • Do not use your back to assist you


  • Keep the front end of long loads higher than the back end
  • Ask for help if the object is too heavy or long to safely carry
  • If the load blocks your vision, use a mechanical aid or ask a coworker for help
  • Carry long loads on your shoulder